Omaha Consumer Mailing Lists

Find New Customers Quickly With Our Consumer Mailing Lists.

Omaha Marketing Solutions specializes in creating targeted direct mail marketing campaigns, and our goal is to market directly to your business’s most relevant audience. Whether your best customers are retirees who love to travel, homeowners with children, or college graduates with a certain political affiliation, we can help you reach a very precise demographic of consumers and customize your campaign based on a variety of consumer factors.

Knowing your target audience is a crucial step for effective marketing. Our Omaha marketing team can help you create a profile of which consumers are most likely to be responsive to your campaign, and then we use our exclusive data sources to help narrow the recipients of the direct mail campaign to you ideal audience. For consumer mailing lists, we can target recipients based on a variety of criteria including:

  • income
  • household age
  • marital status
  • household size
  • household education
  • narrow band household income
  • address type
  • # of generations in hosuehold
  • household political party
  • dwelling type
  • home owner
  • length of residence
  • home sale price
  • living area in square feet
  • lot size
  • # of children
  • age of children
  • credit card type/credit history
  • net worth
  • interests/occupations/pets/lifestyle
  • cultre
  • niche
  • home value
  • ethnicity
  • health and fitness
  • DIY
  • travel
  • zip code
  • postal route
  • EDDM
  • city
  • state
  • neighborhood