Omaha Marketing Solutions’ Launches Postcard Wizards!


Omaha Marketing Solutions is excited to introduce Postcard Wizards, the newest direct mail advertising division of the company. Omaha Marketing Solutions, which specializes in both print and internet marketing, strongly believes that small businesses deserve to have access to the same high-quality advertising products and services as big companies but at a more reasonable price.

Small business advertising has a history of making people choose between affordability and quality. The Postcard Wizards believe no one should have to choose. Every small business deserves a unique direct mail campaign that they can afford in order to share their products and services with the target audience that would be most interested.

Omaha Marketing Solutions co-founders Mike Vandermuss and Troy Peterson created Postcard Wizards to design, print, and mail custom direct mail postcards for small businesses.  Postcard Wizards is comprised of an incredibly experienced team that boasts over 15 years in the mailing list business, 20 years in the print industry, and award-winning designers. After a history of mailing millions of postcards each year, they have perfected a process that maximizes accuracy, efficiency, and effectiveness so that every client experiences the highest quality service possible.

With Postcard Wizards, there are no hidden fees. From conceptualization to the mailbox, they make it simple for the client by including it all:
custom postcard design, a targeted mailing list, high-quality printing, and efficient mailing. Every aspect of the direct mail advertising process
is included which means small businesses don’t have to shop around for the best deal or compromise quality for cost. Every client can expect full-color
customized postcards with a professional glossy finish mailed to the most relevant prospective customers at a competitive price.

For more information on Postcard Wizards visit or call 877-700-1990 for more information.